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Our services and products are designed with security & privacy at their core, in ensuring the highest levels of online privacy and securing all aspects of our clients' digital life. We offer Zero Trust security and privacy oriented team collaboration software with zero mining of your private data.

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Safi Messenger

Safi is a secure communication system with team collaboration and stealth mode options. It does not require any personal information such as a phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts. Messages sent in stealth mode self-destruct once read and cannot be retrieved by either party.

In addition to encrypted (military-grade) voice and video conferencing for large groups, Safi comes with a unique "Selective Blocking" option which enables you to temporarily or permanently stop receiving calls from any contact, while still allowing them to send you messages and attachments. This functionality gives you total privacy over who you choose to talk to and what you choose to receive from anyone (text, audio, videos, images, files, calls) Learn More ...

Squealock VPN

Our high performance SLVPN service implements the IKEv2 protocol on all platforms. Our VPN service boasts fast connection speeds and is super effective in evading firewalls and fighting back against censorship, areas where others may often struggle.

Squealock VPN allows you to surf the web securely when connected to public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, hotels, and airports, among others. Using public Wi-Fi without the protection of a VPN service automatically makes you vulnerable, because hackers can actually see in real time what you are doing on your computer, and steal critical information such as passwords, private pictures, files, and other confidential information.

The CyberCase

In a world where we are increasely dependent on our mobile phones, cybercriminals are becoming more creative at gaining access to our private data, and exploiting it for their own benefit, often leading to identity theft, spoofing, blackmail, phishing attacks, and ransomware, among others.

The easy availability of free apps on app download platforms has increased consumers' apetite for app based services which may often require access to their phones' microphone, location, contacts, calendar, and camera, just to name a few. While the majority of apps genuinely require such permissions to function properly, some malicious authors are able to exploit these permissions by offering at bargain services and games on the most popular appstore, without users being aware.Learn More ...

Safi Messenger For Teams

Safi Messenger now offers an intuitive team mode option for users looking to work in an environment where messages do not self-destruct, but can still be recalled, even after they are read.

  • Groups

    You can grant any group member "Admin" privileges. Groups can also be transferred, and Group Admins can choose whether any group member can add people to the group or not.

  • Unlimited userID Changes

    You can change your primary identifier, making old userIDs void and unusable. Unlike many secure messaging clients who associate your messages to your phone number, a changeable userID cannot reveal your identity or link you to any messages. Your true identity is only known to the people you share the userID with in person.

  • Highly Secure Calls

    Voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted (AES-256). Our meeting option ensures only invited parties can join, especially with lots of people on the call.

  • Selective Blocking

    Fed up with your contacts oversharing web content with you? You can now block those contents without affecting their ability to still call, send you messages and other files you approve of.

  • Automated File Scanning

    Most hacks occur when you click on an image, file or video that has a malicious code embedded into it. We automatically scan your files once they are uploaded onto our servers, thereby reducing the chances of getting your device infected by malware.

  • Storage

    Enjoy 30GB of storage accross all our services once you signup. Received files remain encrypted on our servers indefinitely until you delete them.