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Why we are unique

Squealock is built with security in mind. We:

  • Do not require your phone number or email, nor access your contact list. With Squealock you are able to create a unique user ID that can be changed at any time. Once changed, the old username becomes invalid and cannot be used for signup by others.
  • Do not allow profile pictures which are often stored by the other guys; you are still able to securely send disappearing pictures under 6 megabytes.
  • Do not allow users to save files that could be compromised with malware that could infect your system.
  • Do not Store messages on devices or servers; Squealock destroys all traces of messages once they are read.
  • Use end-to end military grade encryption (AES-256) to secure your messages while in transit. Please check the FAQ section for more information.
  • Do not make it possible for others to know your user ID, unless you choose to go live or tell them directly. Going live allows you to view other live users.

Product support:

For questions related to the use of our software, please email support(at)squealock.com

Business Inquiries:

Please send business related inquiries to partners(at)squealock.com

Media Inquiries:

Please send media inquiries to mediarelations(at)squealock.com

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