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Why we are unique

Squealock is built with security in mind. We:

  • Do not require your phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts' list. Here you can create a unique alias or SLID which you can change at any time. Once changed, the old SLID becomes invalid and cannot be used for signup by others.
  • Do not require profile pictures which may be stored by the other guys to identify you later. With Squealock, you can simply send secure self-destructing files, without your real name attached them .
  • Do limit attachment size in order to prevent a known vulnerability which could corrupt encrypted files, and affect the application's performance.
  • Do not permanently store messages on devices or servers; Squealock destroys all traces of messages once they are read.
  • Use end-to end military grade encryption (AES-256) to secure your messages while in transit. Please check the FAQ section for more information.
  • Do not make it possible for your acquaintances to know your SLID, but you can communicate it to them directly yourself, preferably in person.

Product support:

For questions related to the use of our software, please email support(at)squealock.com

Business Inquiries:

Please send business related inquiries to partners(at)squealock.com

Media Inquiries:

Please send media inquiries to mediarelations(at)squealock.com

Squealock Systems, Inc.
1200 Westlake Ave N. Suite 1600
Seattle, Washington 98109