Stealth Communications
Stealth Communications

Cyber breaches can occur through Phishing and Spoofing when attackers have a target's email or phone number.
Our technology enables strict ephemeral secure communication (text, voice, video) through a mutable unique identifier, without handing over your email or phone number.

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Key features of Squealock

We Shrink Your Digital Footprint

We do not require access to your phone contacts' list. While using Squealock, even if someone manages to take a screenshot, use a screen recorder, or an external device to record your message contents , your risk for self-incrimination could be greatly reduced, as contents would appear as from an anonymous source (your user ID). You have full crontrol over who you give your SLID to (preferably in person). While some secure peer to peer messaging apps may enable encrypted communication between devices without the need to create an account or use a remote server, they may still be vulnerable to Trojan and Keylogger attachments, exchange hardware information, and primary identifiers are stored on devices and cannot be changed.

No Phone Number or Email Required

We do not require your phone number or email in order for you to communicate securely using Squealock. You only need to create a unique user ID or SLID that can be changed at any time (patent pending). Once changed, the old SLID becomes invalid and cannot be used by others to message you or create another account; a better alternative to using burner phone numbers which do not secure your communication, nor shrink your digital footprint or prevent access to your phone contacts. Squealock also discourages profile pictures to keep your identity private, while enabling the secure transmission of images, voice and video recordings.

Unprecedented Security

In addition to securing your communication (voice and video calls and attachments) with end-to-end military grade encryption, all messages and file contents self-destruct once read, and do not remain on our servers once delivered. Squealock's strong password requirement and system timout functionality ensure that only you can access and read your messages, even if someone else is able to unlock and access your device. We also limit the size of attachments in preventing a known vulnerability which could corrupt encrypted files and affect the application's performance. We do not store your private decryption key on our servers.

Signature Selective Blocking

People we talk to online get in the habit of forwarding files (images, audio, video) they receive from others to us, without knowing they could be infected with malware. Squealock boasts a unique "Selective Blocking" feature (patent pending) which allows you to have a say over content you allow to be sent to you. Squealock's Signature Selective Blocking gives you total privacy, security, and total control over who you choose to talk to and what you choose to receive from any of your contacts (audio, videos, images, calls). To activate the block, simply press which functionality to block and confirm your selection.



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