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Why we are unique

Squealock is built with security and privacy in mind. In addition to using end-to end military grade encryption (AES-256) to secure your messages while in transit, we:

  • Do not require your phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts' list. So, even if someone manages to take a screenshot, use a screen recorder, or an external device to record what you send them, such recordings cannot be used to prove anything, since they are from an anonymous source (user ID). With Squealock, you can simply create a unique user ID or SLID that can be changed at any time (patent pending). Once changed, the old SLID becomes invalid and cannot be used by others to message you or create an account; a better alternative to using burner phone numbers which do not secure your communication, prevent access to your phone contacts, or shrink your digital footprint.
  • Are soon introducing a ground breaking functionality called "Selective Blocking®" (patent pending) which allows users to not have to block contacts completely, but to rather independently block their ability to use features such as sending you images, voice and video recordings, or making voice and video calls to your user ID.
  • Do not require profile pictures, which may be stored on service providers' servers and be sold and used to train facial recognition software without your consent. Squealock keeps it simple by allowing you to securely send all kinds of self-destructing files, without your real identity attached to them. Squealock is even more powerful in shielding your identity when used with TOR or a good VPN service.
  • Do limit attachment size in order to prevent a known vulnerability which could corrupt encrypted files, and affect the application's performance.
  • Do not permanently store messages on devices or servers; Squealock destroys all traces of messages once they are read.
  • Do not make it possible for your acquaintances to know your SLID, but you can communicate it to them directly yourself, preferably in person.

Product support:

For questions related to the use of our software, please email support(at)squealock.com

Business Inquiries:

Please send business related inquiries to partners(at)squealock.com

Media Inquiries:

Please send media inquiries to mediarelations(at)squealock.com

Squealock Systems, Inc.
1200 Westlake Ave N. Suite 1600
Seattle, Washington 98109