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In a world where we are increasely dependent on our mobile phones, cybercriminals are becoming more creative in gaining access to our private data, and exploiting it for their own benefit, often leading to identity theft, spoofing, blackmail, phishing attacks, and ransomware, among others. The easy availability of free apps on app download platforms has increased consumers' apetite for app based services which may often require access to their phones' microphone, location, contacts, calendar, and camera, just to name a few. While the majority of apps genuinely require such permissions to function properly, some malicious authors are able to exploit these permissions by offering at bargain services and games on the most popular appstore, without users being aware.

Ultimately, the best solution to this problem is to avoid using smartphones altogether, especially since most app users do not understand the technology stack behind these products. Because that would clearly be a deal breaker for most people, we are soon releasing a new product called the Cybercase, a unique electronic phone case, to prevent your device from being used as an eavesdropping tool, and to collect sensitive data from your device without your knowledge.


The Cybercase was made with durable material and can withstand all drops, even with electronics embedded inside.

Power & rechargable

The Cybercase can be switched On and Off, and comes with a 250 mAh rechargeable battery which can last at least 48 hours under normal use.

Dust Plugged Microphone

Helps prevent dust and water from entering and helps reduce external sound pickup by your microphone.

EMF Radiations Protection

Each case is equipped with an EMF radiation protection patch that helps significantly reduce your exposure to electronic magnetic waves while your device is turned on.

Front & Back Camera Cover

These privacy shutters can be moved independently and prevent anyone from remotely accessing and using your front or back camera to spy on you without your knowledge.

Incoming Message & Call Detector

The Cybercase is equiped with a call detecting system. You will need to activate your LED flash alert on iOS or inside our Android Call alert app for the sensor to trigger a buzzer sound when there is an incoming message or call.

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