Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find answers to all your questions. However, if you do not see your question listed, please do not hesitate to message support@squealock.com for additional help. Thank you for your patience.

Why does the app crash when I try to open a received message?

This is happening because you probably updated to the latest version of Squealock, but your old private key is still stored on your device, and cannot be used to decrypt messages received from someone using the latest Squealock version. To resolve this problem, simply uninstall the app, then reinstall it and login using the same credentials, and voilà! You should then be able to exchange messages with other users without the app crashing when you open a received message. If your recipients can't open your messages after you reinstall the application, simply make sure they uninstall and reinstall as well, then have them message you after they log in

Why am I getting an error message when trying to message someone?

You are experiencing this issue because the person you are trying to message problaby just updated to the latest version of the application, but still has an old set of keys which can't be used to encrypt the message you are about to send them. To resolve this, simply ask your contact to completely uninstall and reinstall Squealock, then have them message you once they log back in. Once you reply to their message, it should go through and the issue should be resolved.

Why am I not able to attach files?

You are actually able to attach files, but please note that when you do so, it doesn't actually appear in the text field, but will be sent once you press "Send" or " ". Also, when using an Android device, beware that you won't be able to directly attach pictures from Google Drive, Dropbox or other similar services. You will need to download the picture onto your device first, then proceed to attach it to your message. Please note that the file size must be less than 6 megabytes.

How does your encryption work?

Without disclosing too much (the bad guys may be reading this), let's just say we generate a password for AES-256 symetric encryption, and encrypt the message text with that key. We then encrypt the password with the receiver's public key, and send it securely to the server. The receiver then securely fetches the message, then decrypts the password with their private key which is stored on their device, and is therefore able to decrypt the message. So, even if someone (including us) manages to gain access to our servers , they still won't be able to decrypt your messages while in transit. We do not keep encrypted messages on our servers once they are delivered, as they self-destruct once read. Messages remain encrypted for 30 days until they are delivered to the recipient’s device. If the message recipient’s device doesn’t connect to the internet during those 30 days, the encrypted message is automatically deleted from the server.

Why are my messages being delayed?

This issue could be due to your phone not having a strong internet connection. Also if you are using Wi-Fi, try turning it OFF and then back ON if you have a data plan on your phone, to see if the issue gets resolved. If it doesn't, please try and reboot your wireless router or try connecting to other secure Wi-Fi hotspots; or email support@squealock.com for further assistance.

Why are you asking for my email when registering for the service?

Your email is needed for password resetting purposes only. In fact, we recommend that you do not provide it at all, unless you forget your password often, and will require a password reset in the future.

Why do you only allow 100 characters to be entered into the text field?

Because messages sent through Squealock self-destruct once read, we determined that limiting the text to 100 characters would give users adequate time to read the whole message before this happens. Besides, Squealock is mostly used by business people who don't have time to read long text messages all day; so limiting characters forces contacts to keep it short and straight to the point. Finally, there are also some security benefits (which we would rather not disclose) in limiting the characters to a 100.

Is Squealock Open source? How do I know it’s as secure as you claim?

We are strong believers in security through obscurity, and aren't making the application open source at this time. Nonetheless, Squealock has been thoroughly vetted by forensic analysts, and cybersecurity experts, and no usable information has ever been recovered. Contrary to common belief, analyzing only the source code in vetting an encryption software is never a good idea (sugar pill), simply because there is no guarantee that the aren't any backdoors in the published version of the application. The same goes for codes that have been audited by reputable organizations, as ongoing future changes may inadvertently result in new vulnerabilities. Therefore, You are better off vetting an encryption product by doing your own testing of the build you are using; something anyone who could ready open source software can manage to do. The fact that Squealock has been banned in countries like China and Iran is definite proof that we are doing things right. On the bright side, our users in those countries are still able to access and use Squealock by bypassing cencorship through other means.

How do you make money?

The latest version of Squealock is mostly free because we believe in everyone's right to privacy and hope to keep it that way with your continued financial support. The only premium features remain the Squealock Elite features which consist of secure video conferencing (up to 6 participants) and user ID change. We are maily funded by our Squealock Elite users. This is also better for your privacy, because we do not answer to anyone but YOU! Next time some our competitors tell you their products don't cost you a thing, just remember you are likely paying with your own personal data (which we don't collect) which can be used by marketers and advertisers to spam or target you, or by cybercriminals to blackmail or extort you.

Why don’t you offer group chat?

Group chat normally requires keeping conversation logs, so group members able to make sense of the conversation flow. We currently offer this functionality to the Enterprise version of Squealock, and will soon come up with a unique secure group chat concept for the Google Play and Appstore versions of the app, while maintaining its ephemeral nature.

Aren't you concerned about terrorism?

If we as a society have learned anything over the past few months, it is that encryption is more crucial than ever. If hackers can manage to get into high level politicians’ email accounts, they could certainly do the same to anyone. Just as there isn't a ban on all guns for fear a terrorist could easily acquire one, encryption products are essential in protecting your constitutional right to privacy. We understand people's concerns in making encryption products like Squealock available to the public, and work proactively to address them. We actively monitor live users by posing as regular users on the platform, to ensure they are abiding by our rules, and make it easy for our users to report anyone who adds offensive, violent or hateful narratives to their profile.

How does Squealock compare to the other secure communication solutions?

Most secure chat apps do a decent job of encrypting the communication, but do very little in protecting your personal information and preventing your messages from being used to blackmail or extort you. Squealock does far more in this area, by collecting the least amount of information possible and allowing users to communicate using their own user IDs that can be changed at anytime, with no phone number, email or contact list access requirements. Squealock's Signature Selective Blocking allows you to have full control over who can have access to you, and what files they are able to send you. Squealock has a pending patent on its Changeable user ID and selective blocking features, and is the only secure messaging app currently offering both. Squealock does not keep logs of any conversation, and destroys all traces of messages once they are read.

Why can't I log in ?

If you are unable to log into your account, first check and make sure you are entering the correct user ID and password. You can also reset your password, if forgotten. Remember to set your own password within the app in order to log in. Your temporary password cannot be used to log in, but is required in order for you to set your own password.

If you are using an Android device, and believe this is not the issue,
-Try rebooting your device by turning it OFF and then back ON
- Check your phone to see if data is enabled.
-If using WI-FI, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. From the menu button choose "Advanced" Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, and make sure it is set to Always or Only when plugged in

If you are using an iOS device,
-Try rebooting your device by turning it OFF and then back ON
- Check your phone to see if data is enabled.
-If using WI-FI, go to Settings > Wi-Fi , and check if you are connected to the right network.

If you are still having issues after trying these steps, please contact your mobile provider so they can help you determine whether your connection is correctly set up on your phone.


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